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Just under two hours later, I then boarded for the next flight sector from Singapore to Manila. Once again it went well and the staff were impeccable. Man I like this airline. So glad that my flight from Singapore to Zurich and then onto Bucharest is with them.

Now I had heard about the taxi scams in Manila. So with eyes wide open, I pushed on through. I organised a place to stay at the information desk. I tried at the Hotel Reservation Desk but the two guys there were hopeless. They were pushing four hotels and an enormous amount for transfer to get there. So after a 'word or two', I went to the information counter and found her to be much better at her job. She made the calls for me and got me a room then sent me over to the airport taxi rank.

This was the scene for the next scam. I saw the sign for the Airport Taxi's but a guy gave me the impression that I was to follow him as the car parked outside was the one to take me. However he tried to get me into the building next to it. No go. I threatened to get security. Why so extreme? Unfortunately Manila has a bad reputation of theft and even kidnapping via their taxi's. I wasn't about to put myself in a situation I wasn't comfortable in.

The guy backed off and I went next door and got organised. The price I was originally quoted was 560 Peso's but I got it for 440...still a massive rip off but it was getting late and as I had been up since 5am, I just wanted to get there.

The accommodation was fine but overpriced. It's low season and they are still charging high season prices...and not willing to budge. It was also a fan only room but the staff are nice and the location is secure and in a good position. I bought a sim card and text Sofie to let her know I was here. We are hoping to catch up and I am looking forward to that. It'll be good to see a familiar face again.

I called it an early night as I was buggered. Glad to be here but hoping to get to see a bit more tomorrow.

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