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On the boat over to Russell

Ain't it quaint!!

I love tree!

Just like the police station in Bethnal Green!!!

Tea for two? One actually - I'll have a bear and a...

Kids jumping into the sea!

Dick Darstardly's speed boat!

How does it know I am going the wrong way!?

A rather nice hole on a golf course next to Treaty House.


FACT! The entry to Treaty House

Em in the shade in her shades...listening to that song by Sade....

A Maori War Canoe called Waka Taua (or Ngatokimnatawhaorua!) which was built...

It has intricate carvings all the way along it of scarey faces...

Like this one!

And this one!

But they save the scariest one for the end of the boat!!!

Some of the wood carvings were amazing

Some were just wierd!

And some were a your face!!

Captain Hobson landed here in 1840

Captain Pettet arrived at about 4 O'Clock

The big flag pole with the 3 flags on it (New Zealand,...

Some hunk in front of Treaty House

Not a bad front garden was it?!

A copy of the Treaty.

Some info on the Treaty. Get your Bi-nockers out now!!

A Maori meeting house, or 'Whare Runanga' was built in 1940 to...

Uncanny isn't it!

Yep, uh-huh.

Inside it was beautifully carved and painted

"Forget about the importance and history of this place Ozz, get one...

So accurate it's scarey!!! (p.s. don't tell Em I said that!!!)

My new desk job!

Today we decided to take a boat over to Russell Island as recommended by the lady at the camp site.

We had a wander round Paihia town and then caught a ferry over (as I am writing this I have just looked in the guide book and realised we could have actually driven there!) Anyway the boat trip was only 15 minutes and as it was a beautiful day it was quite a nice journey.

Upon arrival we saw there was a road with a few shops/bars on it....and that was pretty much it! So we got a snack and sat by the sea and then took the ferry back pretty much straight away....thanks campsite lady!

After this we decided to do a bit of culture vultuaring and went to Treaty House which has special significance in NZ history as it is where the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi took place......which is the following....

The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand's founding document. It takes its name from the place in the Bay of Islands where it was first signed, on 6 February 1840. This day is now a public holiday in New Zealand. The Treaty is an agreement, in Maori and English, that was made between the British Crown and about 540 Maori rangatira (chiefs).

The grounds are beautiful and it was very interesting.

After this we headed back to ranch for some fud and then some kip!


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