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California aquaduct

This is where the shuttle landed when it could not in Florida

We're in AND have a tree!

View to the left

From the front

From the right

Me and my shadow


Clock tower

That Dam Van



Big enough for hockey

Bring on the fair

Watch out Izzy

NOT a great idea Trevor

Come on in boys

Really based on the other 2 campgrounds we saw this is great

With heavy hearts we left SOCAL today. Man o' man did we have a GREAT time. We headed North (yes North)as we are taking the camper to the Lance Doctor to have some things checked out. We would probably not do this but it is so close to where we were ( 2 1/2 hours) why not? AND we are getting a Lance factory tour as well. We are very excited about this since we do LOVE our Lance. Freeways today; not our fave and the best we could do on Diesel was $4.099 (which was a bargain) but we got into our campground about 3:30, which was excellent! The camprgound is at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in the desert nesled between the LA County Mountains. It is a parking lot with full hookups for $20. BUT the fair grounds are great. They have some money here (and we thought CA was out). They spent big bucks on the Fairgrounds and campground. We are one of 16 in for the night. I'll let you know how the camper Doc makes out tomorrow. Enjoy the pics.

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