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Not far from where Geoff lives

Yeah you guessed it, it's all bars.

The Goose and Duck

Part of our spread

Me and Vishal

An assortment of teas

Does it look like they are having a good time?

Geoff is going to take me to see where he works. He started out working for another school but with a partner, Ben, they started their own business. Now they have their own classrooms and teachers teaching English. It's a great set up and is called Emu English. The group he has on his team are fantastic and I only got to see one brat.

This kid reminded me of my last foster kid. Pain in the arse. Her behaviour did not improve when her mother arrived either. Why? Because the mother does not discipline her. It's not the done thing to make your child behave or have manners. Not what I expected.

While there though, Geoff checked the footy scores on the net. Eagles lost which I know would piss Mum off. What's wrong with them? I think Mum is right. They are playing like they are better than everyone but getting tripped up due to that. On the other hand, Geelong won. You little ripper. My boys are doing well and remain at the top of the ladder.

After, we went for a walk to some markets so I could buy some souveniers finally. Now taking a guy shopping usually horrifies them but Geoff was soon to find out that in that situation, I'm not like most other females. There was not what I wanted so I just got a couple of wall hangings that Geoff haggled for me, then we were out of there. He was quite happy.

He then took me to a flower market and fish centre. It is quite something and definitely a nice place to have a walk around in. He comes here every now and then not to buy anything but just to stroll. I must admit that if I lived here, my place would be full of this stuff. It's fantastic although the best bit was the Eucalyptus that Geoff pointed out. MMMMM home.

We then went back to his place and watched some TV and ate some pate, cheese and crackers while waiting for Russel and Linlin. He also has a great DVD collection but we ended up watching the fourth instalment of Harry Potter would you believe. Not expected but as I had not seen it, it had my attention.

Russel and Linlin arrived but as they were a little tired, we decided to leave and have them catch up with us later. We headed to the G 'n' D and had a couple of drinks. We bumped into Sue and Dale again. They had bought some glasses as they were trying to furnish the house. It was good to see them again and I gave Sue my card as she wants to keep up with my travels. Great chick.

For dinner we had Russel and Linlin's company, Monique who is a very valued colleague of Geoff's and Vishal. We headed to dinner at a different place that is a favourite of their's. This time it was a situation of ordering a whole range of dishes to share. We had hoped that they had Peking Duck for me to try but they didn't have duck that way but did have duck cooked a different way and it was yummy.

Once again it was a mass of food and never ending beer. This can not be good for me but man am I enjoying it. I know that this kind of dinner will soon be over for me and I intend to enjoy it while I have the chance. It's not just about the food though. It's the company. The conversation and the meeting of new people for me. I really enjoy it.

I got a photo of me with Vishal as Mum has a theory that the best looking men that we ever saw on our trip, were Indian (except for that half Japanese, half Navaho Indian guy in Arizona...wow). Vishal fit the bill although the bugger has a great smile and it didn't get picked up in the picture. Trust me Mum he looks better in the flesh so your theory stands.

We headed back to the G 'n' D although Russel and Linlin went home. The rest of us had a few more drinks. I managed to get a decent shot of them and have promised to forward them on so must get to that. It was another great night and I will definitely miss it. I am to leave for the Philippines so things and culture are about to change.

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