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Outside station

City Gate

Leonardo Jones


Christmas Duomo

Ferarri Shop

Damn trams

Castle Tower


Duomo at night

Shopping centre

If I could do Rome in a day and a half, half a day should have been ample for Milan. Milano Centrale is being renovated and I had a nightmare finding the left luggage, every sign seemed to send me back to the previous sign in some sort of circular practical joke. At one point I gave up and went to book my train to Barcelona thinking I might have to spend 5 hours sat around the station. I found it eventually so headed off into Milan, I got a few hundred metres down what I hoped was the road to the centre when I realised I didn't have a clue what I was supposed to see in Milan so I turned around and went back to the tourist office in the station to acquire a map. I still didn't know what I was supposed to see but at least I knew where it was. A soon as I turned the corner to the main square and saw the Duomo I guessed that this was what I was supposed to visit. It really is impressive with more spires than any church needs and statues sprouting from every spare wall.

My sightseeing was then hampered by two things, first I found a really good bookshop with a whole section of English books and secondly I found an outdour photographic exhibition of National Geographic pictures. It was humbling, I don't think I've ever taken a picture that comes anywhere near any of them and there must have been a good hundred pictures on display. In what little time I then had left I managed to find a castle and go back to the bookshop to buy a couple of novels that had appealed to me earlier.

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