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This one's for Mrs Babs! They talk funny here too!!!

The hobbits had leased their homes out after the films finished.

It was all I could do to keep Em away from this...

A very pretty church in the historic village of Puhoi

Driving our Spaceship in New Zealand!!!

Em just noticed the million bees making the honey!


Em hiding fro the bees!!!

Yes. Sheep World. What!?!?!?

Em likes this picture

Excuse the pun but these really were the "highlight" of Sheep World!!!

So much so

you've got 3 pictures of 'em!!!

Another spaceship on our tail. Just like outta space. Probably.

Mangawhai Heads Beach

Aaaaaand again

This one's for you Gemummy!!!

Em constructs her cheese 'n' vegemite sanga. I got an apple.

Tea for two. The chef at work.

...with the muther of side partings! It looks like a big ginger...

The trucker relaxing...

...and then feasts!!!!

Nope, still badgered this morning!!

We did sleep quite well though. The van is really comfy. We likey!!!!

Today we had just planned on going North for a bit and, erm, that was it really!!!

We haven't read any books on NZ yet and can't remember what people have told us to do either so we'll have a bit of a drive and a bit of a read today.

On our journey we stopped of at a Honey farm (which Em was enjoying right up to the point it dawned on her that bees make honey, and she hstes bees, so we left there pretty sharpish!!), and then stopped off at......Sheep World!!!!! It cost $22 each to enter so we told them to baaaaaahaaahaaahaaaahaagger off!

Then we stopped of at Mangawhai Heads beach for a bit of lunchy lunchy and then ended up at some camping grounds at Uretiti just past Waipu (I didn't make those names up!).

The grounds are very basic but really cool and right next to the beach so for $7 each it's wicked!!!

We cooked some din dins on the van hob(which worked suprisingly well!) - on the menu tonight was scrambled eggs and mushrooms on toast (ok bread!).

Then watched a film and then went to bed.



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