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What a beautiful sunrise

As it got lighter

Night fisherman coming home at sunrise

Getting ready to make the turn towards the marina

Only access is via this walkway during low tide

Up the ramp we go


Volunteers man the lighthouse a month at a time

What a charming place

A maritime window


Whale bones

Skull of a whale

Maritime theme

Artistic driftwood


The big light that shines on the house at night (as seen...

The backyard view

Interesting window shutter with a porthole

Water side of the lighthouse property

Another view of the Battery Point Lighthouse


If only this window could talk...oh, the storms it could tell

I like the lace maritime curtains on the windows

Ice plant was everywhere

A frontal view of the lighthouse

The lantern tower

The wind has shaped this tree into an interesting formation

Ice plant garden

Len and I woke to a foggy morning. We were going to head down the road to visit the Redwood National Park south of Crescent City. We opted to hang out and enjoy the change in our weather. We have enjoyed so much sunshine as we have traveled down the coast, that we actually got excited about the foggy morning.

Len and I got out this morning for a four mile walk that took us out to the pier and jetty across from our campsite. We also checked out the Battery Point Lighthouse. This lighthouse is only accessible during low tide. As we were checking the water level to see if we could make the crossing, we met the lighthouse keepers as they were making their way to church. The tide was low for the next two hours. We explored the lighthouse and then made our way back to the rig for the camera. Wouldn't you know it, because of the drizzly morning we didn't have any of the cameras with us.

I grabbed the cameras and drove to the Battery Point Lighthouse. This lighthouse is gorgeous at night when the property is illuminated and just begs to be explored during the day. Just as I was taking the last picture I tripped on a protruding 1 1/2 inch rock on the gravel walkway. Just call me grace! If only it was caught on video. I had Len's camera wrapped around my arm and as I went down, all I could think about was...save the camera. Good news! No damage to the camera, just my pride and a little road rash on my knees and right hand.

As I was heading down the ramp, I met the lighthouse keepers again. They informed me that they are guest keepers for the month. Come to find out, every month a new volunteer keeper gets the privilege of staying at the lighthouse. They give the tours, tides permitting, and man the lighthouse. Len and I would love to get on the waiting list for this job. We would prefer a winter month to get to experience the winter storms. Enjoy the pictures, it was a labor of pain...really I'm okay.

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