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September 13, Friday

An overcast day, so we decided that it would be a good day to clean the house and start packing up. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so it seemed a better choice for our last day of sightseeing. We did our best to leave the house as neat as we found it. Since we couldn’t find a mop or bucket, Marilynn and I developed a new way to clean the floor. She dipped a long-handled scrub brush in the kitchen sink which was filled with cleaner and water. She went over the floor with the wet brush. I followed with a long-handled squeegee to round up the dirty water, then soaked it up with a towel.

All this cleaning may be futile. The cats will have the run of the house for a couple of day’s before Marie-France’s return. They have now brought four “gifts” of dead animals into the house. Pam cleaned up the two messiest ones - kudos to you, Pam. I took care of the other two. Maureen and Marilynn have shown absolutely no sense of “We’re all in this together” in regard to cleaning up after cats. SAD!

After we’d finished, we idled around the house. The grey weather seemed to extinguish any ambition to get up and out the door. After dinner, we did sit down to a game of mah jong.

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