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Laundry day!

There are 10 cute cottages

This one is ours

We even have a water feature

Lovely gardens

View from our living room window

Huge pasty we had for lunch AND dinner

Calumet, MI Today was a cold and rainy day so it was perfect for doing laundry! Calumet is in the Upper Peninsula. From 1868 through 1886, it was the leading copper producer in the United States, and from 1869 through 1876, the leading copper producer in the world. It must have been pretty amazing in the day but now Calumet is a small village with a population of 726. It was a bit of a scramble to find lodging. We are in a wonderful place called Centennial Cottages. The setting is really lovely. There are ten cottages in a wooded area complete with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The complex also has a laundry so we made good use of it. Later we found our way into the historic downtown of Calumet to get ourselves some authentic pasties for dinner. When Cornish miners migrated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the 1800's, they brought with them their beloved national dish: the pasty. The Finnish miners that followed adopted these meat pies as their own (easily transportable for long subterranean days!), and the pasty became such a large part of the regional culture that there's an annual pasty festival in early July. In this recipe, beef, rutabaga, carrots, onions and potatoes are essentially steamed within the crimped, D-shaped dough pocket that's slit to allow just enough steam to escape. It is a very hearty meal!

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