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Must See to Believe

The Cabin

Blanco River on the property

Great hiking less than a mile away!

Resting after a hike

Another view of the Cabin

Milton Reimer's Ranch Park in Dripping Springs

Ossy climbing on the rocks near the Blanco river

Hammock in January! (Thank you Angie)

49 of 50 states hit with snow. Worse ice storm across the Midwest in a decade. California 5 year drought officially ends with the recent rains. January 2017. The weather (and the upcoming inauguration) is dominating the news headlines.

As for Gypsy, Os, Pres and me? Well, the weather has hovered around the high 60's and 70's (with one day in the 80's), lots of sunshine with some scattered showers, and little need for any heating or use of the cabin wood burning stove. Gosh, could life get choo!...better? Oh yeah, the cedar. As Kimmie stated to me, "welcome to the Hill Country's winter". Allergies!!!

My first week in Wimberly had all the makings of a perfect way to kick off our year of travel, but the majority of it was spent inside medicating allergies and a cold. Itchy eyes, cough, runny then conjested nose...I got it all. I'm grateful to the local pharmacist (and Glynie) for the cedar cure, and to Mucinex for the cough and conjestion. But, a little cold and allergies didn't totally hold us back....

The cabin. This place must be experienced. We drove in last Sunday evening to lights provided by a dilapidated vehicle next to the cabin. The lights come on every evening. An old washer on the front porch; an outhouse that now serves as storage; another dilapidated vehicle staffed with a dummy in the driver seat and drive-in movie speakers on the car; pressed tin ceilings, claw foot tub that has seen its better day; toilet with a chain flusher, etc.

I love it! It is unique, but homey and clean. Presley hasn't even tried to run away....yet!

Wimberly is a cute little town. Nice town square with all the amenities, minus the big chain stores. Blue Hole Regional Park is less than a mile from our cabin and it is awesome. Truly some of the bluest water running through that section of the river I have ever seen, and wonderful trails for me and the pups to explore. Even though January is a great time to visit the Hill Country due to the weather here compared to everywhere else, we are finding it isn't the peak season for visitors.

Our first effort to explore was Jacob's Well Natural Area in Wimberly. Not only do they make it clear dogs are not welcomed, they were closed. So, we journeyed down the street to visit the Wimberly Rum Distillery (they were open!). From there, we drove out to Johnson City to hike the Pedernales Falls State Park, only to find they were closed as well. For real??

So, back over to Dripping Springs, where we stumbled upon the Milton Reimers Ranch Park. Few visitors and a great hike. I joined the San Marcos Tennis Group through the Meet Up app and was scheduled to play with another member of the group this weekend, but the plans were foiled by rain. What to do? Shopping, of course, so over to the San Marcos Outlet shops.

It's been one week already. I'm learning to live without cable by using mom's DTV account (don't tell her or she will want some compensation or something) on my Amazon Fire Stick (is there anything Amazon doesn't do well???). I even broke down and watched some Netflix (yes Angie, you were right!), but have to say after watching 10 episodes of House of Cards (had heard so much about it), I'm disgusted by it. The sex? No. The words? No. The immorality? Well, yes, but no, I'm disgusted by it because I believe it's true to reality.

No, my time in D.C. wasn't similar, but that is a world I want no part of, so I think I'll stick to my comedies and Veep. That is a D.C. that I know is real, but it makes you laugh anyway.

Two more weeks here in the Hill Country and lots still on the list to explore. For this raining Sunday, it was church, a quick hike, and now awaiting the Cowboys.

Does life get any better???

Much love,


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