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Mt Rainer

Entrance to Mt Rainer Park

Watch out for Elk and Deer

My Parents Tombstone

David & Diane and Us at Salty's

Carin standing over iron work designed by David her brother

May 10th we said our goodbyes to Neil, Connie and Gina and headed for Enumclaw WA. Enumclaw is at the foot of Mt Rainer and this is where I was raised and went to school. The mountain is spectacular to see, but as kids we just didn’t pay much attention to it. The weather looks good for the next few days.

David, my brother, and Diane live close by and have spent a couple nights by the fire with us. David is an archery hunter and President of the Enumclaw flint knapping organization here in town. He just recently built an indoor shooting range for the membership. It is beautiful and David has painted all the local Indian paintings on the wall.

We drove up to Mt Rainer one day but everything was closed. It is very unusual for Washington to have the great weather we are experiencing in May, and nothing opens until the end of May. The pass over the mountains was closed because of snow, so we were only able to drive to the mountain split. We did however find one little shop open that was selling huckleberry milkshakes. Yum! It’s still a lovely drive up the mountain.

We booked to play golf at Enumclaw Golf Course with Kurt and his friend. It had been 2 years since they had played golf. It was a grueling 5.5hr game. The course was really fun and I would love to play it again. It had big hills and lots of huge fir trees and a big creek throughout the course. Kurt was a magnet for the creek and never seemed to be able to get over it, no matter how many times he tried. We laughed most of the day, or at least the first 4 hrs.

David & Diane took us to “Salty’s” for Sunday brunch. Salty’s is a restaurant that serves all you can eat shell fish, crab, shrimp, etc. It was really good!! After brunch we drove to Wilkerson (population 478) and Carbonado, a couple small mining towns where I grew up. It brought back some old memories. It has been raining for the past 2 days so we only got out of the car long enough to take a couple pictures.

We visited Mom & Dad’s gravesite and left some flowers. First time back since Mom’s funeral.

We unfortunately didn’t get to see my brother and his wife, Dennis and Pam or my sister Tracey. I heard from Dennis that they will be grandparents again but this time twin boys. Congratulation!

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