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Eating at the Cutoff restaurant

Yukon River

We were not up early this morning. After we had some coffee and took inventory, haha, we started paying our bills online. Next time I will go outside and find something else to do. Karen and technology do not get along sometimes... teehee.... and it is advisable to clear out and give her some room! I took a lot of pictures yesterday and one of the better ones is picture #1 today. (pic) Finally got our chores done and went to the Cutoff restaurant for lunch and it was a great choice. (pic) Actually we've had good luck with eating out lately. The fish up here is fantastic, we've both had halibut and it is great. The breading is like a beer batter and delicious, yum. After lunch we went for a ride to see the Yukon River (pic), it was very pretty, that water was beautiful and I bet it was cold too! We are planning on leaving Whitehorse tomorrow headed for Haines in search of the whales.

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