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Looks like the T20 Cricket Final happened overnight – so Sunday afternoon in India was about 5 in the morning here. Not great news to wake up to, anyway. The headline of the narrow defeat came first – finding out the details took so much longer that we were in danger of missing posh breakfast again today.

Good job we don’t have to fly home at the end – I will have a quantity of Excess Baggage – there are two lovely young men in breakfast whose sole job it is to walk the room proffering tea/coffee. Both have now sussed that my answer is going to be yes up to the 5th or 6th cup – they now seem to have some kind of competition going between them as to which can reach me first when I put my cup down. I will have to bring one or both home with me; I shall miss their “Tea, madame?” (Questions expecting the answer Yes)

Returning from breakfast, overheard discussion between two ladies waiting for the lift….”it won’t be now till after the Caribbean....” – apparently, the weather is now “so hot” that it isn’t possible to sit out comfortably, so we are waiting for it to “cool down” after the Caribbean. Here’s an idea – if you don’t like “hot weather”, don’t book a cruise across the Pacific ! Today is 23 deg, and still very windy; Hawaii which we reach in 48 hours is about 28 deg, it seems. This is good for “exploring Hawaii”. Possibly less good for our “Volcano Hike” which we do on Wednesday in Hilo.

Back to Sunday and it really is like Groundhog day. Sitting on balcony until midday, suddenly it is 1pm (clocks again). Gym/walking on Promenade deck, sitting on balcony in warm setting sun, dinner, bed.

Because we take dinner quite late (as near the 9pm finish as we can get), the clearing up process always starts while we are still there. Each of the “stations” has 6 or more waiters, and there is an increasing crescendo as each “course” finishes, and tables of earlier diners empty, with everything to be cleared. They scurry back and forth with laden trays, often in conga-lines several at a time. Today I finally realised what it reminds me of – the Tea scene from Beauty and the Beast (“Be Our Guest”, crossed with a frenetic Sorceror’s apprentice (one waiter goes and two return)). We will try to take a video one day if we can. (And they do scurry – they have a “debrief” meeting at about 10.30pm, on one of our “shared table” nights our sharers were so slow we nearly gatecrashed the meeting, so they have every incentive to be done promptly and thoroughly).

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