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Waiting for the Parade

Decorated cars in the Parade

Hey! That would be great to carry with an RV

Waiting for the Fireworks

Waiting for sunset. Note the "Clam Trees"

4th of July Fireworks!

It was getting to be close to the Fourth of July. Last year, I spent July 4 in Canada. Although they acknowledged our holiday, it wasn't the same.

This year, I decided to spend the Fourth of July on the "The Cape" in Massachusetts.

I visited a friend who lives on the Cape and attended two traditional New England celebrations of the Fourth: a parade and fireworks.

If you examine the accompanying photo of sunset, you'll notice three distance objects that look like trees. Those are "clam trees". At least that's what the local guides tell the gullible tourists. In actuality, they form a boundary to keep boats away from the shallow water and Orlean's beach. They are made from pine trees decorated with "Stop" signs that have to be re-posted every spring.

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