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Budapest from the air

The outskirts of Munich

2:45 AM is quite early… Did get some sleep but tired. Alice got up OK as well. A quick getting ready then to the elevator! I tried to check out and gave the wrong room number… Finally got it straight though (411). Transport guy was already there so we got on the van and headed to the airport. It took about 30 minutes.

At the airport Alice got tickets through the vending machine and we got in line. There were no people at the check in so we waited until about 4:30 then we checked in with no problem, then security. We were so early that they were still checking in the stuff for the ticket counters – tags and such.

The terminal was empty and most places closed, but we found one open and got buns and drinks, then sat. We had over an hour to wait until they announced our gate number! Small airport, two gate wings. The place slowly filled up and they finally announced our gate! Off we went.

No problems getting on the plane, flight was easy with just a bit of turbulence as we approached Munich. Once we landed and went through passport control we headed for out gate. We made one stop for Alice to get a sandwich and then she went and bought a stuffed thing… a combination of about six animals. We got to our gate and the gate is locked. So we sat outside the door with 20 other folks and waited. It’s 8:45 and our flight is at 12:25.

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