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Up early this morning as we had to catch a 9am bus. After breakfast we got a lift from the owner of the pension to the bus stop. Then right on time the Bus left to Selcuk.

We got 15min down the road and then stopped in Dizmir (the closest city) for about 20min while the Dolmus filled up. Then we where on our way to Selcuk.

We arrived in Selcuk about 3 hours later and as promissed by the pesion owner in Pamukkale there was some one waiting there from the "All Black Pension". He took us past the "wallaby Pension" which he is going to open in two weeks, then to the All Black. It is a great place (except for all the all black pictures on the wall). On the roof is a great outdoor area where you can sit back and look out over the whole city of Selcuk.

After we got settled in we headed to St John Church. This is where he was put into a tomb after he died in around 100 AD. He is said to of came here with Mary after Jesus told him to look after her. In around 400 AD they built a church over his tomb and if it was still standing today it would be the 6th biggest Cathereral in the world.

After this we went to a temple which was part of the Efes ruins. It was 3 times larger than the Parthenon in Athens and had some 127 collums. It was one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, but unfortunatly some idiot a long time ago thought he would be remembered if he destroyed it and now there is only one collum left standing.

A little further down the road and we came to the Efes museumm which holds all the original statues they found in the ruins. They have since made copies and put the copies on display in the ruins.

Back to the hostel to settle in and maybe have a few beers on the roof. As we came in the owner of the Pension, Jeff said to us would we mind being in his flyer for the wallaby so over the road we went and had a stagged game of draughts and a beer while we had our photos taken. I will have to get some copies when they are printed.

Back to the pension for an all you can eat bbq and some beers. There are heaps of people staying here and we met four people from england 3 aussies and two kiwis and where drinking into the early hours of the morning.

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