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Our first glimpse of Mt. McKinley

Alaska Mountain Range

Denali and Fireweed Plant

The High One!

Another view of Denali from Primstone Ridge

On the Road

McKinley Princess Lodge

Love the view

Watering Hole - 20320 is the elevation of Mt. McKinley


Mt. Foraker, Mt. Hunter, Mt. McKinley

Talkeetna Shopping

This morning found us waking up in the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. We boarded another coach to take us on the Natural History Tour before 7 am. This tour was over 5 hours in duration.

On the tour we stopped at the Visitors' Center, the Savage Cabin and the Primrose Ridge. We finally got to see "the Great One", Denali, or Mt. McKinley. The mountain was named Mt. McKinley in 1896 by a gold prospector as support for then presidential candidate William McKinley who took office in 1897. Interestingly enough, President McKinley never laid eyes on the mountain. The Alaska Board on Geographic names calls the mountain McKinley, while the Alaska Board on Geographic names calls it Denali. There has been at least one attempt to get the National Board on Geographical Names to change the name to Denali, but a congressional delegation from Ohio (where McKinley was from) has blocked the try.

We were lucky today! Really lucky!! We were able to view all of Denali - no cloud cover - with full sunshine. I thought about getting a ball cap - "30 % club, Mt. McKinley - but I don't have room for anymore in the 5th Wheel. The High One (translation from Athabaskan) is wonderful to see. I can't seem to get enough pictures. From this view on Primrose Ridge, we are about 80 miles from Denali.

When the tour ended, we were taken by motor coach to the McKinley Princess Lodge near Talkeetna.

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