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Mountain Clouded in Smoke

Highway along Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake - Notice the guardrails!

Mama Moose and her calf

Pair of Stone Sheep

Three Buffalo

Buffalo Herd - How would you like to meet this at 70...

Today was probably one of our longest driving days, going from Fort Nelson, BC to Watson Lake, YT. Driving time should have been a little over 7 hrs (assuming 60 mph). It actually took us a little over 9 hours, due to mountain climbs and wildlife. There are also several wildfires that are threatening part of the area. Hopefully they will be under control before we return. Part of the highway paralleled Muncho Lake, twisting and turning along the shore. Marge saw either a deer or caribou, but was unable to get a picture. We also saw two black bears, but as soon as we slowed to take a picture, they ran for the woods. We pulled into one turnout to fix lunch and while we were there, two moose ventured into the area, a cow and her calf. A little later, we came upon a couple of Stone Sheep along the side of the road. Later on we encountered three buffalo on the side of the road and later still had to stop for a herd of buffalo that were crossing the highway. As previously, the scenery was fantastic. We went over rivers named Toad, Trout, Muskwa, Tetsa, Laird, Smith, Coal and creeks with names like MacDonald, Raspberry, Gardner, Peterson, 113, 115, Teeter, Mould, Contact, and Irons. A good portion being named after or by people involved in the building of the highway.

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