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Christmas day: we were busy cooking for 25 homeless

Sleeping and holding on tight to his new blanket

Maciej is cutting jackfruit

Group photo

Hello all.

Well, this was a very different Christmas than what we are used to.

We spent Christmas with 25 spoiled little street children. Ok, definatly not spoiled. Couple funny incidents though.

This was all organized through Soft Power Education. Rikke and I helped out along with about 8 other volunteers. It was supposed to be 25 kids about 8-12. However, the street children have a hierarchal system here whereby the younger one's are often bullied into collecting money for the older ones. In this case, the younger one's were bullied into not participating in this event. Only room for 25 in the budget, so instead we of having a mix of girls and boys in the aformentioned age category we had 25 boys with an average age of 18. One, of them, Grandpa Street Kid, looked about 40. Turns out, he was only 21.

So, we go to pick the 25 of them up off the street on the 24th and 5 weren't there. They were all supposed to be there so I guess some forgot about it. So one of them says I know where to go. Truck drives down a few streets and alleys and pulls up beside a dumpster. 5 heads pop up. Yup, straight out of the dumpster.

Man, the kids were so great. They were very happy and greatful for the entire sleepover. We gave them tons of hot food for Dinner, breakfast and lunch, they got a soft matress to sleep on and they each got a blanket as a present. They also danced to hip hop music for much of the evening.

We took them back to the streets the afternoon of the 25th. But, one of the Volunteers droped her cell moments before the kids got in the truck. So we called the number and all of a sudden, the cell phone shows up on roof of the truck. Can't really blame them though.

See ya. Maciej (and Rikke).

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