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Peter sitting at the dining room table in our 'temp' home.

The ocean view from the back deck - overlooking the backyard

Zoe the cat sleeping on her favourite perch

The baby eagle checking out the backyard

The ocean, yard and deck as seen from the living room. Notice...

Hello Everyone!

Zoe is the housecat we are ‘cat sitting’ for the next 6 weeks. Her ‘parents’ left for a holiday to New Zealand and they don’t want her left alone at night. Therefore, we are living only 10 minutes from our trailer in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, located on the oceanfront at Saratoga Beach. We sit here this morning at the dining room table watching a baby eagle perched in a tree just at the end of the yard. She/he was watching the crows and eagles as they fed on the scraps we threw out this morning. Yes, we not only ‘cat sit’ we also ‘Gullum- sit’ - the wounded seagull that lived in their yard two years ago. During the healing process (he couldn’t fly) they started feeding their scraps to him. Now, two years later he flies away during the day and brings his family back for breakfast each morning!

Zoe is the typical spoilt cat – she has her own chair, three climbing (up to 4 feet high) scratching post/cat stands as well as her own ‘beds’ benches in each bedroom. She is used to her daily brush under the tummy each morning before breakfast. Plus, as with any ‘child’ she is not allowed outside after dark! We have been given strict written instructions about all these ‘Zoe-things’.

The house is huge – especially after living in a 24 foot trailer for the last 4 years! The first night we missed our trailer, our cosy ‘clutter-less’ home. We emptied our trailer closets and dressers and we didn’t even put a dent into the closet/dressers here! As we check the house to find the supplies we need to live here we, are reminded of George Carlin’s lyrics about “A Place For My Stuff”. He says, “That’s all you need in life, a little place for your stuff. That’s all your house is: a place to keep your stuff.” In every nook and cranny we notice antiques, stuffed animals, collectables, knickknacks – stuff! We check the bed & bath closets, cupboards, dressers where we notice clothes, makeup, health & beauty aids - stuff! In the kitchen we find bread makers, juicers, tons of dishes, glasses, utensils - stuff! Every space of the wall contains a photo, carving, painting, or mirror - stuff!

All this takes us down memory lane to our homes - when we had all this ‘stuff’ - just a few years ago. That was until we purged our homes and our souls of the need for all this stuff! Living the RV lifestyle gives you a feeling of freedom from having to keep all this stuff! As we sold and gave away all our stuff, we wondered if we would miss them……but after 4 years we happily say – No, we don’t! Now that we are staying in this house we realize how ‘de-cluttered’ our lives have become through this lifestyle – it gives you a very relaxing, uplifting and free feeling and at this time in our lives we would not trade it for anything!

We know we will enjoy our stay in this home – we look at this as a mini vacation. People pay thousands of dollars to rent homes or cabins that have this view. So for the next 6 weeks we live in a huge home, with a huge deck, huge yard and a view that will always change, with birds and the ocean traffic. We watch - and feed the birds, we do not hear the traffic - we are on a dead-end road, we see the tugs, barges, boats, whales, and seals as they wander past our yard. Peter watches the little birds (about a dozen or so) as they land in the birdhouse, trees and shrubs on the deck. He grabs the bird book trying to identify each one that visits us. We walk out the patio doors, across the yard and we are on the sandy beach – where we can walk along breathing in the ocean air (Peter calls it the ‘seaweed’ smell)……oh well. Once the weather turns warmer, we can sit on the deck overlooking the ocean as we drink out morning beverage. Oh, and of course we have cable, and Sirius radio for the times we sit inside watching and listening. Yes, life is grand and we will enjoy each day as we explore our new adventures………till later, Peter & Connie

p.s. at this time we are having problems with the wifi and as a result it is taking too long for the photos to download. I will add them at a later date! Sorry!

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