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Pretty Noelle at 12 1/2!

Christina, now 20 months!

The "birdlife" at Shollenberger!

Mama swan's swimming lessons!

A "mating dance", perhaps!

TRG Racing Group loading a Porsche!

Nice travel accommodations!

Drool on, Howard!

Inside the shop!

And inside the car!

Elk's RV facilities

Here we are!

We're still in Petaluma and not much going on in the last couple of weeks. Oh, I guess you could consider several trips to Kaiser, an ER visit, ultrasound and CT scan kind of exciting, especially when you finally loose a much needed 12 lbs. or so. Haven't seen a 1 followed by a 2 in more years than I can remember, but know that won't last! Not a diet I recommend!! However, the good news is I'm feeling 95% better and all lab tests are normal. Seems to be one of those intestinal syndromes called IBS or spastic bowel and I guess is pretty common but oh so painful! It was really compounded by a 10 day regiment of two very powerful antibiotics for what was thought to be diverticulitis and can actually trigger an IBS episode. Anyway, all done (almost) with a visit to the GI doc on Monday. My appetite is back with a vengeance but can eat only small portions so that is a good thing. Had been existing on chicken broth, saltines and a little white rice! Aren't you glad you asked??

So back to the gym today and no cardio, just lots of weights and machines to add some muscle to the loose skin! Not a pretty thought! And the weather is now beautiful, so we followed up with a walk around Shollenberger park,

with camera, to view all the new baby ducks, geese and swans. The avocets are still nesting. And the white pelicans are back! I don't like the swans! They are so aggressive and go after the goslings which they frequently kill. I was screaming and trying unsuccessfully to throw rocks at the culprit but the parents of the little ones fought back while the younguns' escaped! Wow, I'm liking all this energy!

On the walk back we stopped in at one of our neighbors, TRG Porsche Racing Group.

They were just polishing up rims and loading their very fancy trailers for a short drive down to Laguna Seca for the sponsored by Crown Royal this weekend. The racing group also owns Adobe Road Winery which occupies the front office of their very impressive building which is right next door to our Elk's Lodge location.

The families are all doing great! We frequently get together with Norm & Wendy, Noelle & Christina and, of course, all the neighbors.

Wendy just went back to work, after many years's absence from the industry, and got a tremendous senior level Human Resources position at a local insurance company (formerly a GE subsidiary), that specializes in long-term care. How very fortunate for us since special family plans are available as part of her employment package. Norm left Thursday for a golf tournament in Sunriver, OR. and returns late Sunday (Mother's Day) and Wendy flies out Sunday morning for a week's orientation at the company's headquarters in Richmond, VA. Instead of his usual departure time of 4:30 a.m. on work days he will now have to drop Christina off at day-care and go in a bit later. Quite a lot of juggling going on but they're handling it well!

Stephanie, in Sacramento, is on the home stretch of her Master's Degree which we will celebrate at her graduation on May 24th!! How does this woman hold down a full time, very stressful job as a family mediation counselor and manage to go to school and write all these papers and theses!

Oh, and the older grandson (Steph's), Rob, and Trevor the chocolate lab, drove his mother's motorhome to Alaska, not exactly the best time of year with weather still inclement and snowing, almost 4,000 miles to the little town of Whittier, to start a job at a hotel that will service all the cruise ships that arrive at their beautiful location on Prince William Sound. Nice summer job and he informs us the hotel group also have similar offerings in Mexico and the Caribbean for winter! Much better for the psyche than having just spent his last 7 years as a paramedic in Oakland and San Francisco!

When last we talked Trevor had jumped into a stream and caught a large trout which he proudly showed off and Rob, the loving parent, cooked it up for him for dinner. He also ran up to a herd of buffalo that were crossing for a quick sniff and decided a hasty retreat was in order!

So our tentative plans are to leave here around May 19th and visit our friends, Joan and Don, at their beautiful 5 acre homesite in Sutter Creek, where we have a lovely place to park. Then on to Sacramento for the Memorial Day weekend and Steph's graduation. The first week of June will be back to Half Moon Bay for Terri and Daniel's birthdays and on June 8th a "big fat Greek wedding" in Oakland for friend, Mary's daughter, Elle; long time family friends!

Summer travels will most likely involve short distances and longer stays. We're thinking the Escapee's Park in Sumerlin, OR and another in Coarsegold, CA., near Yosemite, both beautiful locations and within a day's drive. Fuel here in Petaluma is as of today a mere $4.53!

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