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Gordon The Bus!

Helen with a friend of her family, in Auckland

Ok. Right.

Jodi and our trolley full of stuff for the roadtrip. Trolleys are...

sarah shows off the freezer section at "Foodland". We think its better...

A typical NZ scape. Lovely.

A typically dangerous NZ corner. Crash barrier anyone?

An NZ river. Wow. They get better I promise!

What a fine young man. Perhaps he could be 18 years old?...

Everywhere in NZ has a real Lord of the Rings vibe. It's...

Yeah baby yeah!

Today we got our campervan!

Loving that style!

We went down to the airport and picked up our camper, which is a huge and very long converted Ford Transit van. It's great - it's like a truck! It has hot water, sink, gas heating, a hob, fridge, microwave, toaster, 240 Volt electricity, shower and toilet!!


We love our box on wheels.

It's huge and takes diesel. All the locals are disgusted with the price of diesel here, which comes in at a shocking 81 cents a litre (a filthy 30 pence a litre!!!!). We filled our 50 litre tank for less than 20 quid!

On day 1 of our road trip we went to the supermarket and stocked up! Oil, eggs, milk, cereal, washing up liquid (I know!), and all the other essentials...! Great!

Helen also insisted on flour, more eggs, more milk, sugar and lemon. hmmm. (???!!?)

After all that was done and we'd shown the 'bus' off to Sarah and Jodi (they just laughed for 20 minutes) we headed down south about 20 kms to see a friend of Helen's Gran for about an hour.

From there we headed north, over the great Auckland Harbour bridge where we entered the city of North Shore. It's amazing there, you can see Auckland from across the bay. We parked up, plugged in the electricity, cooked dinner, washed up, built the bedding then fell asleep!

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