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The Irwins together at last

Conquering the biggest croc in Australia

Sisley wants a new pet

Ethan's found his

A tribute to Steve Irwin

Sisley's favorite blokes

Zoo keeper with a cuddly Koala

Feeding one of the gorgeous "gurls" at the zoo

He was just visiting the zoo like us!

It wasn't Stevo, but the show was CRIKEY!!!!

We finally made it to the place where the kids were looking forward to visiting the most. And the wait was well worth it. The zoo is like no other we have ever been to. It is an interactive and educational zoo. We got to walk around and touch and feed the kangaroos. They didn't mind people at all. We also got to pet the Koalas, feed the elephants, pet a wombat and cockatoo, and see a great croc show (just like the show Steve Irwin did on T.V. We all had a great time. There was also a memorial for Steve there where litterally hundreds of people around the world sent letters and memorablilia to the Zoo.

though it was an unforgettable day there we did feel sad of his loss. But the zoo has done a great job and it was the best day in Brisbane!!!!

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