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Boston Skyline

Trekies @ Quincy Market

HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN......Off the Pellegrini's, Fontana's and the Fine's went to the Boston area missing Diane and Larry. They had just been to Boston a couple of years ago and decided to head to Brimsfield MA while the rest of us did our history lessons in Boston.

LIMOS, TRAINS, TROLLEYS AND BOATS.......First day, we were picked up by a Limo at the campground office and taken to the train station. After some confusion, we got our tickets for the computer train and actually got on the right train. Course we were excited so we were talking and carrying on and by the end of the trip had several commuters talking and helping us to find our way around. The South Back Station is pretty big, lots of trains coming and going and tons and tons of people. We walked up to the Commons, with our necks and heads stretch up looking at all of the tall buildings, sure no one would notice we were tourists. Found the ticket area for the different tours and decided on the bean trolley city tour that included a bay cruise. Great way to get an idea of the area, and you can get off and on where every you want. We got off at Quincy Market Place and had lunch before boarding the boat tour. It was a beautiful day and from the bay Boston looks beautiful. From the tour bus it looks busy, confusing, so much traffic and road work and so much to see. The Fontana's and Pellegrini's are going to take the tour again and get off at the interesting places they want to explore more. The Fines have been there before, so they are not going to do it again.

LONG DAY TO NOWHERE.......Second day we all decided we would go out to Cape Cod. Bonnie wanted to go clear out to the point to Provincetown. An adventure was to begin with the ladies in one vehicle and the guys in the other. Dick led with the guys, Rocky included and the gals followed with Bonnie driving their truck. Only a couple of times did Gail or Juliann gasp with a "watch out", and once on a "round about" after completing it, Bonnie ask if everyone was OK, and was told by Gail, and this is a quote, "Yea we are fine, but you might want to check the seats when we get out." The drive to the cape went great, and then we hit traffic and road work and it took forever to get anywhere. Tried stopping in some of the little towns but couldn't find a parking place anywhere. Finally went inland a little and had some lunch, then drove up to the Cape Code Bay side and found that was the pretty way and not so much traffic. But it was too late to continue up the cape, so we headed back. We did finally find a beach where we could stop. A large beach area, several people swimming and spending the day. Bonnie put her foot in the water and Juliann finally got some pictures. Kinda disappointing, not being able to stop and see more, but the day was pretty and we did have fun. On the way home, the guys went back to the campground and the gals headed for a Country Store a friend had told Juliann about. It was quite a store, huge with everything and anything one might want, or not. Got home around six, and everyone headed for their "home". No "tea" time together this night as we were all pretty tired.

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