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what a circus the last day has been. we went to the train station, ticket in hand, ready to board our train to bombay. our train was to leave on the 27th, but we showed up at the station 24 hours late, on the 28th, the day of our flight from bombay to bangkok. somewhere in the euphoria of goa, we lost a day. neither of us wear a watch and certainly werent concerned about what day it was. we just spaced out and stayed too long. after finding out that we missed our train (non-refundable ticket, by the way), we scrambled to find a flight to bombay from goa in order to catch the flight to bangkok. they had all left for the day and thered be no more. so a bus was the next option. we got the last two bus tickets out of town for that night. it took about 13 hours by bus, and the ride was easy enough. since we missed our flight, we called and cancelled it from goa and would have to rebook the next day from bombay. we arrived in bombay at about 6am this morn, got off the bus and into a taxi bound for the thai airways office. we were there a couple hours early, bought a paper and camped out outside the office like some star wars nerds looking for tickets to the latest movie. they opened the doors and fixed us up good. no penalties. so, here we sit in the bombay international airport waiting on our flight to thailand, where we should actually be right now.

the whole ordeal was a little stressful, but also comical. where did that day go? how did we make such a huge mistake? its funny to think about how relaxed we must have been to let that happen. we both prayed numerous times during all the confusion. in the end, little money was wasted and the time factor is no big deal. it couldve been worse. worse would mean having to stay a few nights in this city...ouch. our prayers were answered. im proud of us for keeping our cool and not freaking out. some things are out of our control. when they are, we do what we can and dont sweat the rest. the bible tells us not to worry. why is it so hard to follow that command sometimes? the burden of worrying fades away when we can let God have it. he can handle it.

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