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First Stop of the day - Port Arthur

Port Arthur was a prison back in 1830 and if you were unlucky enough or lucky enough depending on your point of view you were sent here from England. One prisoner was sentenced to 7 years for stealing a bundle of candles. He was to die later at the age of 30 on the Island. With that said, as prison's were at the time I think a lot of people felt that it was better to come here (if they didn't mind being shipped more then half way around the world and far from friends and family) then to stay in prison's in England due to the living conditions being of much higher standard (with better weather) then back in the UK. The journey would take so long that many people lost teeth during the journey and others prayed for the boats to sink then to go so far just to be imprisoned. But with boredom

So from here we started our long drive up north to Bicheno where Jenny and I were to check into another dorm room hostel/ guest house. I always hate coming into a dark room with a bunch of people already asleep in it. Although it was at this point that the car's transmission started to slip and I just added that to a growing list of things that I hated about the car. The radio had only one working speaker that crackle and popped if the music was too loud and then the other speaker would occasionally go on only to come out as static. Oh the joy of trying to go on the cheap. We literally had the worst car I saw on the road. More on the joys of cheap (and it wasn't really that cheap of a rental) rentals later. .

Th joys of driving on the other side of the road are a bit different. I think I scared the piss out of Jenny a few times. It just got to the point that all she would say was "Over" as I need to get back on the road and off the shoulder. I also

hit my first full on road kill. Small cuteish looking thing with big eyes. Just as I started to swerve to miss the little guy I thought of all those accidents that happen when people swerve to avoid a squirl and end up hitting a tree. Well I didn't hit a tree. . .

Back to Bicheno, we arrived in the small little beach town at 11 or so at night, I hate checking into a dorm room late at night because

A- I feel bad about waking other people up and

B- You just never know who your bunk mates are going to be.


A- We had the room to ourselves and

B- The room was better then I had thought it was going to be, plus the bathrooms were clean!

It's amazing how one get's so excited about the little things when your traveling.

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