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Marley relaxing with his toys.

Visited a shipwreck from 1906 near our campground.

The remains. Kids ask where is the rest of it.

Drove to the mouth of the Columbia River.Thats a wide river.

Next stop Fort Stevens.

The gun batteries of the fort

Up close - where the gun turrets were

Another gun batteries down the coast from the fort.

A view of the Pacific/Columbia River from the top of the batteries.

One battery info.

One of the small perimeter guns.

kids couldn't resist the photo opt.

First day of summer. High 63 degrees.

Our last day in Astoria.

Kids have been swimming and out playing. We had to drag them off to see Fort Stevens. Fort Stevens was constructed during the Civil War and remained active until shortly after World War II. It was built to guard the mouth of the Columbia River. It included eight gun batteries. Although the guns are removed nearly all the batteries remain.

Fort Stevens was the location of the only attack on the continental U.S. during WWII. A Japanese submarine surfaced about 10 miles off shore and began firing shells in the direction of the fort. Fortunately most of the shells landed in swampland and on beach areas. The shelling lasted about 16 minutes. Our soldiers were told to refrain from returning fire. It is thought that we did not want to reveal the exact location of the fort. The submarine retreated and no lives were lost.

Tomorrow we head into Washington. Right now we have no plans. We'll see where the day takes us.

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