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Entrance to The Tillamook Cheese Factory

Look I'm a cow....... Moooo

Packaging blocks of cheese

Never seen a factory before.

Vats for making ice cream.

They had their own transportation to the factory

A different driver

Our campsite.

The campground had a pool.....a really nice one.

Playing ball in the water

Side trip to Fort Clatsop....Where Lewis & Clark spent their winter.

Entrance to replica of Fort. It wasn't very big.

That's not a bear.

Lewis and Clark had a Newfoundland with them. What a gentle giant.

Living Quarters

One of the few rooms

6 - 8 bunks in each room

Area where they entered with their canoes.

Kids completed several tasks to become Junior Rangers.

We told the kids we were stopping at a cheese factory. They had no idea what a factory would be. All they heard was that we could get ice cream. It is self guided tour with commentary being voiced over speakers. You actually don't see much. They were cutting large blocks of cheese into smaller blocks and packaging them. The kids were surprised that machines did most of the work.

There is no cost to see the factory (what little bit you see). I'm sure they make plenty of money just on the ice cream.

We are staying at the Astoria/Warrenton KOA. It's a great campground. The kids have been busy with activities, pool and playing with friends. It's a good break for us. We aren't looking for some sort of entertainment all the time.

We did take a side trip to Fort Clatsop. It is one of Lewis and Clark's National Historical Parks. It is built on the banks of the Netul River (now the Lewis and Clark River). This was their winter encampment. We watched a video showing their track from Missouri to Astoria. Thirty three brave and hearty men made that journey of over 8000 mile through unexplored territory. They estimated their miles traveled by canoe, horses and walking and were off by a whopping 40 miles

The kids had several tasks to do that showed what they learned about the Fort and the Lewis and Clark journey. They turned in their work and were sworn as Junior Rangers.

Busy fun day with still lots of time in the late afternoon and evening to play and venture out. We had rain through out the night and woke up to sunshine.

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