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Our really nice hostel in Syders right by the station. Shame we...

I was keeping a tight hold on my bag as a midget...

Some lego at the airport. I expect this'll be Lou and Cheeze...

And a bit of this too! We're gonna try and find some...

Me re-packing me tent up after the Biohazard guys just threw it...

Our beds for the night. Suprisingly comfortable really. And un-suprisingly full of...

Luckily we didn't go to Bondi last night/today!!!

Turns out another dude got attacked by a shark - this time at bondi at 7.30pm last night!

We were either thinking of going there last night or today, erm think we're just gonna give it a miss now!!!

We spent all of this morning/early arvo updating the website and then got the train to the airport as our flight was at 4.30pm.

Em was a little bit sceptical about doing anything today as it was Friday the 13th, and unfortunately her fears were not eleviated when we had to disembark the plane after we had boarded it as they had to 'change a valve' on something!

2 and a half hours later we re-boarded the plane with Em transfixed on the wing where the work had been done. "Why are the engineers still looking at the wing and frowning?!?!?" she asked me for the next 10 minutes!!!

Anyway we eventually took off...into a thunderstorm....and some wicked turbulance!!

I've never heard the Captain over the tanoy before say "All passengers and crew sit down and put your seat belts on immediately!". That was it. Cheers mate!!!

Em was kinda doing one at this point but luckily the plane and Emma calmed down a bit and we landed safely in Auckland, all be it 3 hours later than expected.

That was a bit of a problem as the last airport buses to the City centre left at midnight and we hadn't landed until 12.30!!

Going through customs was a bit of a mish as well as it was the tightest security and Bio-hazard malarky that we had ever seen. So much so that we had to declare EVERYTHING - Tent, walking boots, noodles, weetabix, crisps, the lot!!!

Em's boots and the tent went for 'tests'. 20 minutes later they confirm that the tent was fine and Em's boots hadn't done any walking!!!

Which was all good fun at 1.30am!!!

We left the airport and luckily found a shuttle bus to take us to the city - it was a little bit more expensive but took us right to the hostel so we were more than happy with that!

Ok so we finally got to our hostel (which we had booked 2 days previously....see where we are going with this!) at about 2am to check in................unfortunately all the rooms were full as you can't check in after 10pm!

When Em booked the beds we told the girl that we would get to the hostel after 10.30pm and she said that was ok as the reception was 24 hours.....and then proceeded to book some beds for us for the following night aparently!!! So basically we had no bed for the night that we arrived, but don't worry you have a bed booked for tomorrow night if you want it!!!

Anyway we were too tired to argue at this point and to be fair to the bloke on reception he did let us sleep in the TV room for free so it could have been worse!

We finally crashed out at about 3.30am after a VERY long and stressful day!!


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