Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

A rose between to thorns, Linda Graham

Ruth and Tom Earl and Baby

We were able to mix some fun with work yesterday. We found out the other day that our next door neighbor from Decatur (Atlanta area) was visiting her sister 4 miles away from Jim and Julie's house! So off we went on our bikes to visit with Linda Graham. It was like old home week. We had last seen Linda and her husband Billy in Western New York around the 4th of July (pics and stories were posted). Well Linda looked great and we visited with her sister and brother in law for about an hour. When we got back on our bikes I said to Shirley this neighborhood looks very familiar. I thought this was where my sister in law Sue's parents live. I called her and YES it was. So we stopped in to see Ruth and Tom Earl. I first met them when my brother Merrill started going out with Sue in the early 60's. We all lived in Wantagh NY. We had a nice chat and happy birthday to Tom who just celebrated his 90th birthday! So you see it was like old home week. Then back to the camper for waxing and detailing. I am 3/4 done and will finish today. But first we are going to my grand newphew's (Bobby Strachan) football game. We are having so much fun it should be illegal. Enjoy the pics.

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