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Headed North on Hwy 93, it wasn't very crowded!

Entering the town of Wells, looks like snow ahead, and there was!

The sky was pretty cool...

Heading home the following day, Mom and I both enjoyed our ride...

As I mentioned in my last post, Mom and I made an overnight trip together to Elko. We had such a good time and Mom finished almost all of her Christmas shopping. This becomes quite a chore for her each year as the size of the family grows with new great grandchildren. And she insists on remembering each and every one with at least a small gift. Quite a daunting task in these inflationary times. My job is to help her shop and then get everything wrapped before we head to Vegas for the winter. We then box and get them ready to be mailed out the first week of December. So, that is my project over the next few days.

Today we unpacked most of their winter clothing and packed up summer things. It was extremely cold for a couple of days but warmed up considerably today. In fact, it hit the low 60's! A far cry from the snowfall Saturday morning and temps in the 30's during the day. We ran out of propane in the middle of the night on Sunday. Larry had checked it Saturday and thought we would be okay until Monday. But he woke up around 4am and it was 42 in our rig! Brrr....18 degrees outside! So, he bundled up and went into the garage to retrieve our BBQ propane tank. We use a 5 gallon tank to BBQ in the summer, and fortunately it was nearly full. Problem solved until the propane store opened. Thanks dear!

November 14th was the end of our third year with My Trip Journal. I considered not renewing, but as you can see, finally decided to do it for another. It's time consuming to pick photos, figure out what to share with you and most of all, not bore you to death! I try, I really do. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even out there checking in. But about the time I begin to feel unloved and unwanted I get a wonderful e-mail/comment from one of you dear readers. LOL... Makes it all seem worthwhile. So, I thank all of you that have stuck with us, and hopefully, you get some enjoyment out of this journal.

Tomorrow we are taking a day to do a bit of sight-seeing. Not sure if we are going to Garnet Hill, the lake or the Charcoal Ovens. Depends on the weather. It's supposed to be nice again. My fingers are crossed....

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