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Wife Liz, Cousin Jim, Daughter Jennifer (w/ Son Adam), & Son-in-Law Steve

Cousin Jim whom I haven't seen in over 45 years picked us up at Ken's place and brought us to their beautiful home in Werribee, some 30-45 minutes drive from Melbourne. We met his wife, Elizabeth, who is still working as a psych/social worker (a doctorate no less) and they welcomed us into their midst as if we'd known them forever.

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Had a great gathering with their daughter Tiffany's family (she came to visit us in Missoula after she graduated from high school years ago when we lived on Brooks) - husband Lee, and kids Aaron (11), Jessica (9), and Laura (4). Simply delightful to see faces with names after all the years of Christmas greetings and only knowing slightly the names and faces. I am very fortunate to have these relatives who have given us a glimpse into their lives.

Great discussions with Jim and Liz ranging over a large/wide variety of topics. I feel much more in touch with them because of their willingness to share their ideas, thoughts, beliefs and history. It has broadened my sense of who I am as much as anything during much of our travels. I will forever be grateful for the time we spent with them.


Talked with cousin Ward via Faceon (Apple's Skype)...good to see and look forward to meeting up with him and family Monday in Canberra.


Mari went to church with Jim & Liz while I read the latest Atlantic Mag...I haven't been enlightened in quite a while, not sure if I've gotten enough from the articles now or too much, ha!

In the afternoon Jim drove us to visit daughter Jen and her husband, Steve and newborn at Steve's family cherry orchard in the Yarra Valley. They just installed a computerized sorting set up which, according to Steve, saves perhaps 1/3 of the labor cost of sorting and will pay for itself in 2 years. It's a device manufactured in Melbourne, and similar to one purchased by the huge operation Stimilt in Wenachee, WA that's 3 times the size/capacity of the one we saw. Amazing technology!

Another huge meal and wide ranging discussion concluded our day!

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