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Our last tea and toast morning :( sad times!!



Our little hire car for the next day!

Camping out

Yeah this morning was fun!!!!

Em woke me up at 6am to get me to change the flight as she was being sick!

She now thinks her Margarita pizza she had in the Lucky Cock may have been the cause - yeah ok!!!

Anyway so I had the joy of getting up, finding a 24 hour shop to get some change in, so I could then phone Qantas to change our flight.....AGAIN!!!

That was no problem but we had to pay for the tickets to get reprinted and stuff which was another $80 (on top of the $80 we paid 2 days a go to change them to this monrnig!!! Grrrrr!).

Our flight was now at 3pm so we had plenty on time to sort Em out, finish packing, and to drive there - leaving the hostel at 12pm should be about right (Nat was hitching a ride to work with us as well).

So at 12.30pm when Em and Nat are having tea and toast in the kitchen I was getting slightly concerned!!!

We finally got going at about 12.40pm and then realised we had no idea how to get to the airport - even though one of us worked there!!!!

There is a City Link road which takes you straight there but you need to have pre-purchased a tag for it so we couldn't go on that, so basically had to get some very strangled directions from a really helpful builder right in the middle of the city.

We eventually found it and got there at about 1.20pm (The car had to be returned at the latest 1pm - oh and Nat was meant to be at work at 1pm as well!).

Luckily the bloke let us off the car being late and Nat ran off to work as we went to check in and sort our fees out.

Luckily Qantas let us off the re-re-booking fees as well - Double result! - so it was all good!

We went over the PJ O'Brians where Nat was hard at work and said our goodbyes to her and then caught our flight over to Perth.

We got there at about 7pm and as we are only staying here 2 nights, we decided to rent a car and stay in campsites rather than pay for a coach to and from the airport and staying in more expensive hostes.

We eventually found a very nice campsite down at Coogee Beach and got our tent up just before it got dark.

We went down the road and had some fish 'n' chips and then had quite and early night as we were badgered!

We've only got one day in Perth so we're gonna try and get up early tomorrow.

Nite Nite campers!


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