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It's been a busy few days. We didn't make our planned trip to Reno because nephew Ken offered to deliver our quad to Las Vegas for us. We appreciated that very much! Even though we had planned to do a bit of shopping while there, we weren't looking forward to the long drive each way nor the expense involved.

Mom has been wanting to make an overnight trip to Elko for some time, so we left Thursday morning to do just that. Larry and Onyx stayed here to take care of Dad while we were gone. There was a chance of snow in the weather report, but only 1/2 inch and we expected it to melt quickly if it did. Turned out to be a cold, mildly windy day most of the way, with dark ominous clouds. We encountered a few snowflakes right before arriving in Wells. We stopped for a quick break at the Flying J and it snowed the entire time we were there. But, we drove out of it about 3 miles later after getting back on the road. I had specific instructions that I was not to drive more than 35 mph if we encountered snow. That would have been interesting on I-80 with all the truckers dear! LOL

Most of you know that shopping here in Ely is very limited. Elko isn't much better, but there is a Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Penney's and a very small Sears. We arrived around noon, so our first stop was for lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Very good. With full tummy's we hit JC Penney's and discovered they were having a big sale. Mom was in heaven! I think the thing she misses most since moving from southern California is the shopping. Our day continued with more shopping and eating and visiting. We didn't get checked into our hotel room until after 8pm, and we were both pretty worn out by then.

We stayed at Stockmen's Hotel/Casino again. An older establishment but clean and safe. And the food at the cafe there is always excellent, with generous portions. The best bread pudding you've ever eaten in your life!! After a good nights sleep we loaded up, did a bit more shopping and finally got on the road about 2:15pm. We wanted to arrive home before dark and we just made it. Dad and Larry did just fine without us. My honey did all the cooking. Dad commented that he would starve to death if it weren't for Mom taking such good care of him for the past 60 years! Ain't that the truth! He doesn't even know how to boil hot water...

It's been extremely cold here the past 3-4 days. When I got up yesterday morning, Larry was in the house. Onyx was begging to go outside, so I put on my slippers and opened the door to take her. White stuff was falling from the sky and a COLD wind hit me in the face! I hurried her along and rushed back inside, chilled to the bone! It didn't snow long and is melted off here in town now, but it was 11 degrees when Larry got up this morning. With the wind chill factor, the temperature was -3 last night! Desert rats aren't used to this! We planned to do one final yard sale while here, but the extended forecast doesn't show any improvement in warmth, so I think that it will be in the spring. We normally stop back by here around Mom's birthday in February.

Well, that's it for now. Time to go into the house for my shower. We don't have dump facilities here and are trying to make them last until we move at the end of the month. It's going to be close, but think we'll make it if we are careful. We plan to make a couple of day trips while in the area so check back occasionally. This is a neat area to explore. We may try to find some stones up in Garnet Hills. If it doesn't snow that is!

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