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Em tucks into a free snagg. Her free snagg was snagg free...

Yep you've seen it first here kids - BBQ'd chicken nuggets!!!

Nat smelt the BBQ 20 miles away at the airport and was...

A free BBQ and booze invariably leads to one thing......annoying drunk girls!!!

There it is!! The 'drunken point' I know a lot of you...

I don't know what this is but it was on the wall...

I don't know what was in Em's pizza but she flew home!

What a fun night!........Em threw up 10 minutes after this photo was...

Today we hired a car because my mum and dads (the Sheens!) old friend (Wally) from home lives just outside Melbourne. We've been here in Melbourne for 3 weeks so obviously we decided to try and organise seeing him the day before we left!!!

We were going out in the evening with Nat at about 7pm ish for a goodbye meal/drink so we had a couple of hours spare before then.

So we picked the car up at about midday, went to the post office to send some stuff back home, and then called Wally to get directions..........................aaaaaand no reply. He wasn't in!!! Doh!!!

We went back to the hostel to start packing etc and tried calling him again a couple of hours later but still no joy.

Bit of a bugger seeing as we had rented a car to go and see him, but seeing as it wasn't actually that much cheaper getting a coach to the airport in the morning it kinda worked out ok as we could drop the car off there instead.

Anyway we had a spot of lunch at about 4pm and then watched a bit of tv.

At about 4.10pm the wierd manager man of the hostel said to me "do you fancy having a goodbye bbq?". Unbelievably nice, but very strange as no one else has ever had a 'leaving' bbq!

Even though I had just that second finished my lunch, I agreed (never turn down free stuff - especially bbq food!)....and then had to go with Jonathan the alcholic nutjob assistant manager to go and buy the food.

We got back about 20 minutes later and then he told me to start the bbq going. I was still stuffed from lunch, it was 4.30pm (not really dinner time), and there was no one in the hostel! But under orders I did so anyway.

It actually turned out ok in the end. The smell of a bbq brings people out of the woodwork and an hour later it was in full swing and my snaggs were going down a treat!

Other longterm residence were asking what we had done to get this special treatment!!! We still have no idea!!!!

Anyway Nat got back from work just in time to catch a bit of the action and a couple of drinks. We then spent a few hours in the courtyard here and then decided to head out to a bar when Nat's mate got evicted by the Nutjob! Em and Nat hid at this point so I had to try and sort it all out!!! Thanks guys!!!!

We went to a bar called the Lucky Cock which was really cool and there were a few people from our hostel in there so we had a few drinks with them.

We called it a night when Em started feeling a bit dicky and got back to the hostel at around 1am.

Em then proceeded to pray to the porcelain god about every 20 minutes until the sun came up.

We have a flight at 10am tomorrow morning so things aren't looking too good for that!!

Still it was a wicked and eventfull last night!


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