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Hubby has returned home, safe and sound. The weather held out for the entire weekend which is what they were hoping for. Colder temps, rain and even snow are on the way by week's end, so looks like this was their last hurrah for the year. They shot birds, caught fish and just enjoyed hanging out together which was the total goal. But I missed him and am glad he is home!

Larry and I will be making a quick trip to Reno Friday morning to retrieve our quad. Snow will be on the mountains there soon so we want to get it before then. Speaking of snow, son Jim called this morning. They got their first snow in Anchorage last night. 8 inches and bitter cold. Looks like they'll be in for a long winter. He is having outpatient surgery in the morning. A problem with the glands in his neck. He's a bit nervous, as this problem is on the same side his cancer was located. Although I must say, he has a very positive attitude. His doctor assures him this is fairly routine and he is confident there won't be any problems. They operate at 7am, and the procedure is supposed to only last an hour. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

And finally, I received a link this morning of a very interesting painting done by Jon McNaughton. I am sharing this, not to preach or teach, but just as a point of interest. Please don't shoot the messenger! But I found it to be very interesting and think you will also!

Think how much work went into this new painting. As you run your cursor over each person, their name and a brief description will be revealed on the right side of your screen. This may be the most timely and powerful new piece of art that Jon McNaughton has done. It has over 40 patriotic heroes speaking to us from the dust as Jesus Christ holds the US Constitution. See if you can identify each of the patriots. Below is a link to the detailed description of the 57 symbols and an interview with Jon.


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