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My Guilin hotel room...see the computer.

The view from my window

Hotel pool




What a bloody horrid hotel. The staff are absolute crap and are next to useless. I would never recommend it all. Imperial my arse! I have made sure I have filled out the questionnaire to reflect my experience here. Hope the staff get their arses kicked.

Had shit loads of problems trying to make call to Ctrip from the hotel phone and after seven calls to reception they finally figured out that a block was on my phone. So I managed to get the flight for 520Yuan which was 200Yuan cheaper than what their Flight Desk offered. I had to pack up and leave straight away though which I had no problems with. I had already arranged my accommodation in Guilin so off I went.

It was a different airport and took ages to get there but 149Yuan later we were there. It was bit of a hassle at first as it didn't show up that I had paid for the ticket. After she called Ctrip, it was all sorted and I was given my ticket to proceed to the check in counter.

That's were the second problem came about. I was only allowed 20kilo's and had 32. Oops guess those DVD's are adding up. After he booked me through and had my boarding pass in his hand, he then told me I had to go pay. Here we go again I thought. Man I thought this had been cleared up at the first counter. I tried to explain this and wanted to know why I had to go back there. It was only after he called some guy up the end that I was handed my boarding pass and told I could go, that it dawned on me that what he probably meant for me to pay was for the excess baggage...OOPS.

I had some lunch and waited for my plane. I couldn't believe it. A group to be on the same plane as me were all wearing orange hats and some also in orange shirts. WHAT THE HELL! It going to haunt me, I just know it.

The flight was full and I unfortunately had a guy sit next to me who wanted to look out my window all the time and had breath like some dog had shat in his mouth. It was horrid. He figured out the offensiveness of it finally when he noticed that I kept covering my nose every time he leaned my way. He must know as he then begun to cover his mouth for the rest of the trip when ever he spoke. How is he okay with this and not do something about it...like brush is beyond me.

We landed over what I can only describe as the best entry to a town I have ever experienced. It was like a patchwork quilt dotted with limestone mountains pointing their way out through the greenery. Fabulous. Would have loved to have had my camera on hand.

I was helped at one counter and talked into booking a Li River cruise through them. Not a good idea as would be more expensive but it is the goal of this part of the trip so if I spend a few more dollars, so be it. They also arranged for me to take the bus shuttle into town to save on taxi fare.

From there I got a taxi to my hotel which gave me a fantastic room overlooking the river which is dotted on both sides with lights for the boats going up it to show to the tourists. It even has a computer in it all set up for your use. Bloody brilliant.

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