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Turtles are hiding all over the campground.

This one came by to say "Hi".

Lily takes me for a walk every evening.

This boat waited for the locks to open for the trip to...

Beautiful views, especially in the setting sun.

In the history of the world few figures have been more envied, more fascinating, or more captivating than the explorer in a boat. The old travelogues used as fillers at the movie theatres were always interesting to me, some of the first color films seen by small town folks in the 40's and 50's of places they were most likely never to see in person. I used to watch them as a kid, went to a lot of movies, blowing half my allowance every Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both, to buy that 12ยข ticket. And, you thought you were old.


I have a set of those old travelogues, sponsored by Pan American, on DVD. The film crew would visit places like Puerto Rico or Brazil, flying Pan Am of course, with local attractions, quaint native people in colorful costumes, and native music.

They always seemed to end with a beautiful sunset, and the announcer would say something like "and we bid farewell to the people of this wonderful place and hope to return again soon ... "

As I pack up this morning and head North 120 miles to an RV park right across the water from, and with a good view of, Cape Canaveral, (darn, no missile launches on the schedule), I will bid farewell to the people of this wonderful place and hope to return again soon ... "

The end of a great day at the Saint Lucie Corps of Engineers RV Park
Sunset at the Corps of Engineers RV Park at Saint Lucie, along the Caloosahatchee River.

Hazel said I lived in the past, I wondered tonight why she always said that, as I settled down to watch a 1930's film on Turner Classic Movies. The past? Maybe, but I'm using a satellite dish on top of my motorhome to travel there.

Ron Howes

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