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Sleeping beauty

Yes it is.

The crowds at the St Kilda Festival. All the gingers come out...

Em on the street.........again!!!

Em wore her scarf as it was a chilly 20 degress today....

A tricicyle street performer

A dude balancing on a bmx on top of a 20ft pole...

Silent disco. Or nutters.

Some beach volley ball. I'm still cursing the fact I missed the...

Some wicked bmx stunts

So I had a go!!

Everyone decided I was the best bmx-er ever so I hung up...

Clearly I need a brown dressing gown!

Cool music at the Strongbow bar

Ahhh come-on, it's just apple juice!!!!

Cider and jenga. Gooooooooood toyyyyyyyyyms!

Ozz heard back from the medical screening and the good new is that he has got in......but the bad news is that it's not until the 1st of March which is unfortunately too far away as our visa will have run out by then! so we have started making plans for moving on to Perth and sorting out New Zealand.

We have decided to leave Melbourne for Perth on 10th just for a day and then we fly to New Zealand on the 13th and we have hired a camper van from a firm called Spaceship whilst there (hence the title of todays entry!) basically it's a people carrier that has a bed and cooker and fridge in it and it looks pretty funky! so we have that for 35 days and hopefully Nat will come and join us on the 1st of March!

So most of the day was pretty much taken up by changing flights and booking the van but after we had done all of that we went down to check out the St Kilda Festival as it is the main day today.

We literally turned out of our road and were met by thousands of people walking down the main road where there were lots of street acts going on.

Pretty much the whole of St Kilda had been closed off to traffic so there was just music and partys everywhere!

Further down towards the esplenade there was a fair and stalls and about 8 different stages with live music and acts.

We wandered up the beach and there was volley ball, BMX ramps, a giant bouncy castle, Kareokee, and silent disco so we had a little looksie at them.

It was really cool. And the weather wasn't killing us either!!!

The plan was to stay out until Nat came back from work so we found a strongbow tent and had a couple in there whilst watching giant Jenga but by this time it was only 6 O'clock and we didn't think it would be wise to stay out until 1am for her to come back. Plus all the bars had massive queues to get in so we decided to head back to the hostel for a bit.

The next thing I remember was Nat coming home at 12! I had fallen asleep and Ozz was watching Spurs so there was no chance of him moving to go out plus I was super tired.

So we all agreed to go out tomorrow night for a goodbye drink on our last night instead.


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