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Along the coast - we took a slight side trip - we ran into a HUGE Christmas pagent/parade, lots of streets blocked off in all directions and tons of people streaming towards the epicenter from all directions as well!

Headed for Adelaide city center and YHA hostel, big music festival in Light Square across the street from hostel so lots of frustrating traffic. Bon managed the Big RV beautifully parking just around the corner from the hostel. Reserved our beds in 6 person dorm and got gas on our way to return the RV which turned out to be on a main bus line out near the airport, very easy. Wouldn't ya know, the only 'scrape' we had with RV damage (turned out to be nothing) was turning into the driveway at the RV return place, cut a little short and a low hanging tree! No worries, no damage, whew!


Mostly did a walkabout town today, very nice place to walk, lots of interesting architecture and checking out the Christmas season in Australia!

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