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Em 'cuts' Nats hair

Someone looks happier about the situation than someone else don't they!?!?!

Ok Nat's hair didn't turn out too bad. It appears she did...

It's not easy packing a tent up in the wind with your...

The courtyard outside our room

The now infamous room 7 in the hostel!!! (our room!)

The heat makes people act very strangely!!!

Look at that sky man!!!! It's 46 degrees and the sky's dark...

Em does her best to lock herself in the swimming pool

2 seconds after our dip we're roasting again!!!!

But the sky is getting greyer and greyer man!!!!

Today was another freakishly hot day.

46 degrees, the hottest we have ever felt, but the wierdest thing of all was the wind.

It was really windy but the wind was so hot that it actually felt like it was burning your skin - even when you were in the shade! Honestly it was like when you open an oven door - but ALL DAY!!!

Because of this we braved the heat and headed on down to the beach to try and have a dip in the sea.

We got down to the beach and it almost like Armagedon was on the way, the sky was nearly black, the burning wind was blowing dust and sand everywhere, and it just wasn't beach weather! Luckily there are indoor 'sea Baths' next to the beach, so we went and hid in there for a couple of hours!!!

All refreshed and cool, we walked back out of the building and was sweating again within seconds!

Then the wierdest thing happened, we walked into a shop to buy a drink, then all the shop staff we're looking outside as the wind went even more mental, and when we walked outside no more than 2 minutes after we had walked into the shop, it was 20 degrees cooler - we kid you not!!!! We have no idea what happened but it just did!!!

Melbourne has wierd weather man!!!


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