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Our new site at Harbor Vista Co. Park in Florence

Heceta Head Lighthouse

At least a thousand sea lions on the beach

How many sea lions do you see?

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Hanging out

Looking down from up on the roadside

Heading back out to sea

There they go

So many barking sea lions

View from roadside turnout

Playing in the shallow waters



A surprise on the trail

Heceta Head

The view of the beach from the lighthouse

Needs a facelift

Another view of Heceta Head

The coastline looking south from the lighthouse

Another perspective

Lighthouse Guest House

Nice beach shot

Len above the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast

It is getting damp...the mushrooms are sprouting

Len liked the look of the wet sand

Still finding pretty flowers

Great looking Lighthouse housing

An old water faucet on the trail

Dinner at Famous Mo's in Florence

A&W Rootbeer Float for dessert

The inside of the 1954 A&W car hop diner

Came home to our precious Packwood

The sun was shining as we left Newport. We had a beautiful drive down Hwy 101 towards Florence. On the recommendation of my sister and brother-in-law, Linda & Wally, we are staying at Lane County Harbor Vista park. It is a very nice park with water and electric for $20.00 a night. Len was filling the rig up with fresh water, so I hiked to the beach and watched the sea lions frolicking in the outgoing tide and basking in the sun on the jetty rocks. What a way to spend the afternoon!

Late afternoon we drove up north on Hwy 101 to see the Heceta Head Lighthouse. It is Oregon's most photographed vista on the coast. We pulled off onto one of the highway lookouts to take a picture of Heceta Head. To our surprise there were over 1,000 sea lions below us on the sand beach. We were mesmerized by them. Too fun!

We arrived at Heceta Head beach and proceeded up the 1/2 mile trail to the lighthouse. The views going up the trail are beautiful in themselves. The 1893 Heceta Head lighthouse stands 1,000 feet tall and is still a functioning lighthouse. It is 205 feet above the ocean. It's light is the brightest on the coast and reaches some 21 miles out. I will have to say, I was very disappointed in the condition of the lighthouse. All the pictures you ever see are pristine. It was very rundown. It's a shame.

We proceeded up the coast to check on a private RV park, Sea Breeze that we spotted on the way down. Great looking sites right on the water. Well, Len about choked...$70 a night.

We drove back into town for dinner. Len's friend, Paul highly recommended Mo's for their famous clam chowder. It was good. Loved their shrimp dinner salad and garlic cheese bread. It was all very reasonable priced. Thanks Paul!

Earlier in the day I had spotted an old fashion A&W restaurant. We just had to stop and share a rootbeer float. Thinking of you M, N & K! I had to have mine in a frosted mug...the only way to enjoy a float in my book!

Heading farther down the coast...check back with us. Have an awesome day everyone!

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