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No wonder we have a global warming problem



Filling up with Iron Ore








Resting as still not well



Now that's a boat

Entering the first lock

The four star boat sneeking in next to us

The big arse doors

Nope another night of coughing fits. I don't like this...it's not fun!!! Especially with 6.30am wake up music. Although as I was having so much trouble sleeping, it really didn't matter.

It was a breakfast buffet this morning and I stuck with the soft stuff. One of the table guys checked on me to see if I was okay so I guess I didn't look up to scratch.

We entered the 'Qutang Gorge' which is known to be the most magnificent of the three gorges. After breakfast we then got onto a smaller boat and took a trip down the 'Lesser Three gorges'. It wasn't a bad view but I must admit that I slept through quite a bit of it. I was so buggered and would have preferred to have been bundled up back in my cabin.

Back on the main boat after four hours, we had lunch and entered the elegant 'Wu Gorge' which is 44km in length and has twelve mountain peaks the highest being the Goddess Peak.

I by passed the 'Introduction to Embroidery' and 'The Inner Painting of a Snuff Bottle' and headed to the on board doctor. This is where I ran into a the American lady who had stayed back from the Ghost City tour. She also had a bad throat.

The doctor was a little horrified when he saw my throat and wanted to put me straight on Penicillin. I have Tonsillitis. Well that explains a few things. I declined the Penicillin as it doesn't like me very much and accepted the antibiotics and some more Chinese medicines. He really wanted me to have the Penicillin but I don't like it's side effects.

I rested up and got ready for the 'Captain's Farwell Banquet'. I wore my Italian necklace and earrings which were a hit with all the ladies. It made me feel a little better. I had one of the new Chinese medicines which is a cube that gets put into a hot glass of water to mix and melt. It looked like a small cube of cow shit so I wasn't looking forward to tasting it. It turned out okay though...THANK GOD.

After dinner we went upstairs as tonight we would be going through the five levels in the dam to get to the bottom. It was quite something. The first door is 65 floors high and is the biggest door in the world. Massive thing. Watching the water drain out at a pace of twenty meters in six minutes is quite something. Also being packed into this space is also something to see. I only stuck around for the first transfer then dragged my sorry arse off to bed. Lets hope that with all this medication, a chance of a good night's sleep is a closer possibility.

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