Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Heast Castle

Hearst Castle main entrance

One of two towers

View from the grounds




Outdoor pool


And Shirley as the "Duzer"

Guest Room

Wooden Ceiling

Very old

3 sisters

Hearst Castle



Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

The Bob

Room to roam

Hearst's office

Wooden ceiling

Dining room

Sitting room

Wall haning in game room

View from the bottom

Did not travel much yesterday just 35 miles to one of the highlight stops of our trip.....Hearst Castle in San Simeon CA. This is the best "house" tour we have been on. But to call it a house is like calling the White House a house. Built between 1919 and 1947 as a collaboration between William Randolph Hearst and noted architect Julia Morgan this 165 room mansion is on top of a hill overlooking the Pacific, It is done in a early European style and is in itself an art exhibit of woodworking ,all ceilings are wood art from Europe hundreds of years old. The marble statues, pottery, paintings and wall hangings are magnificent. The grounds are superb. There are 3 cottages with gardens all around and a HUGE swimming pool that is breathtaking. William Randolf Hearst made his fortune in the media of the day (he died in 1951). But his real money came from the inheritance his father (a successful prospector) left his mother which eventually came to him when he was 51. It was fun to think of all the major people of the day who would come as his guests. Charlie Chaplin, Hedda Hopper, Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Winston Churchill, Presidents, and an array of famous people would come for weekend parties. They could swim (indoors too), play tennis, ride horses, stroll the grounds or read a good book in the fabulous library. After dinner everyone went into the full screen padded seat movie theatre. We spent 6 hours there! Took 2 tours, one of the main social rooms and the second the guest quarters including Hearst's suite. The weather was again a perfect 72 and sunny. We camped for the night 5 miles down the road in a State Park. Enjoy the pics.

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