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A view of Canada from Niagara Falls State Park

A lot of water at the base of Bridal Falls on the...

Maid of the Mist boat wayyyyy down below

Having fun on this boat ride

Horseshoe Falls...the Canadian side of Niagara Falls

Skylon... great dinner and view in Canada

Horseshoe Falls

The American Falls

Aquarium entrance in NY

Look at those cute ankles

Bridal Falls

Love this view of Rainbow Bridge and the Niagara Gorge

View of the American Falls from the NY side

View from Canada

We are on the boat ride passing by the American Falls

Observation Deck

Caught a rainbow

Silver lined clouds

Niagara River



The Three Sisters Island offers great opportunity to really see and feel...


Another great rainbow


Such amazing power

The tourist part of Niagara, Canada

The view at night from Skylon..American Falls


Nemo peaking from it's home

Tiger fish...so delicate but venomous


The top of Bridal Falls


Since my last post we have been really busy. After showing my mother and step-dad the sights of the Black Hills, SD, we hit the road on a run. I am slowly posting pictures of all the places we have been, but here is a list: Pierre, SD to see the capital. Next was St. Paul to see the capital of Minnesota. The Wisconsin Dells and then Madison, WS to see the capital. We visited my brother Steve in Hampshire, IL and onto Springfield, IL to see the capital. We took a week to visit JC's Mom, sister and brother-in-law in Milford, IL. Next was Edinburgh, KY. Then Lexington, KY to see JC's daughter, Angela, an awesome visit. Then on to Frankfort, KY to see the capital.

We spent the next five weeks in Winchester, TN visiting and taking care of JC's dad. He has advanced Alzheimer's. Betsy, his wife has had some health issues of her own and needed some extra hands so she could heal. Dad is at the point of not really know what is going on. I think that is a blessing. He is not in pain, but is not really "present" most of the time. We think he knew us for a few minutes at one of his more alert moments. It will always be a moment we will treasure. While in Winchester, I met a great podiatrist and had him do a little more surgery on my left foot. Won't know how well it will help until the end of August. The surgery takes about a total of 8 weeks to completely heal. While we were here we also decided to replace our laptops with the new Retina display Macbook Pros. We love them.

So it is now the beginning of August and we are ready to be on the road again. First stop is Indianapolis, IN to see the capital. And who can travel in Indiana without visiting Elkhart. Next, the capital of Michigan, Lansing. We stayed at the Thousand Trails Park in St. Clair, Michigan to do some shopping and laundry, and get some rest.

That brings us to our next stop, Niagara Falls. We took the shortcut from Michigan through Canada and into New York. We are staying at the Elks Lodge with 30 amp for $15 donation per night. This was a big Bucket List item for me. When JC was in the Air Force several life times ago, he remembers viewing the falls from the Canadian side. When I told him I wanted to see the falls, he kind of thought ok, but I have been there and done that. What a difference maturity will do for you!!! He has a totally different viewpoint and is glad we came.

The view of the falls is really spectacular from the Canadian side because you see both the American and Horseshoe Falls in Canada. We were a little disappointed in the falls lighted at night. The photos we have seen are really touched up a lot because the falls are not as colorful as the photos I have seen. I am still in awe of the whole thing. We had dinner at the top of the Skylon that looks like the space needle in Washington State. A little pricey but worth the view.

One of the many places we toured was the Sir Adam Beck Power Plant. A great tour that taught us about the falls, the management of the water, the building of the dam, turbines and all the details was fascinating. A really interesting fact that stuck with me is that during the day, the amount of water that flows over the falls is about 50% of what could flow. The American and Canadian Power Control manage the flow of water not only for power but for the conservation of the falls themselves. At night, the water is held back and only 25% flows over the falls. The amount of water that flows over the falls each second is mind boggling.

The city of Niagara in Canada reminds me of Dollywood, or Wisconsin Dells or the tourist areas at Disneyland. I guess once you see the falls, they figure you need something else to do. So much junk shopping, carnival rides, casino's and so on. I was really surprised. I guess that kind of XS%$E^ (I don't know what to call it) does not only exist in America.

We spent most of our time in the Niagara Falls State Park in New York. Riding the trolly from one end to the other we saw it all. We did the famed Maid of the Mist boat ride. You definitely get very wet. It was well worth the time, money and getting wet. The Cave of the Winds walk was also really worth the effort because it gets you very close to the bottom of the falls where you can really feel the power of the mass amounts of water flowing. We kept so busy, we got home at 9pm one night and 10pm the next. We never stay out after dark. What a great visit.


I have added new posts starting at May 24th if you are interested in browsing through some of our travels.

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