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Morning campers!


Base camp

Ozz drew the short straw!

Nat having some sleepy time

Aaaah...there's nothing like a nice cuppa tea to get you going!

The beach at the 12 Apostles

Whoop whooooooo!!

Em shouldn't have eaten that helium for breakfast!

Same joke different person!


Not quite dirty dancing!!

See ya later Nat!

Put me on a post card

Usually they are both this is an improvment!

We jump...........that's what we do!

This one took about 20 attempts to get!

Snakes on a sign!

Our second encounter of Koalas in the wild. They seem to spend...

Em and Nat being sleeping Koalas. I would've driven off if I...


One of the many view points along the Great Ocean Road

The voices told me to nudge them off but I resisted and...

Ozz ruins a perfectly nice picture!

Me in my Medusa wig.

More cliff top roadarama

It's a swim-off's a swim-off

The man in the pink life jacket takes the lead!


Nats bum!

The token beach photo, we'll stop taking them when you stop looking!

Nat in her sarong, is that sa-rong of her....

Either the sea's wonky or I am. Must be the sea

Nat isn't though!!

Look at the colour of that sea!

The pink one is "diet icecream".

A couple of swingers


I'm starting to get worried about these two!!!

Dr Evil's summer pad!

Torquay......just like home!!

Canoers READY. Great White Sharks READY. 3 . 2 . 1 .........

A double whammy Smartie. That's a fat persons 4 leaf clover!


Nat is about as helpful as Em in the kitchen!

Ahh's just like the end of Thundercats....schnarf schnarf. It was scrummy...

We were all up relatively early this morning, Em earlier than me and Nat, however it wasn't long before she made us join her!!!

We nipped into Port Campbell for some brecko and a bit of a mooch around a couple of nice shops....where me and Em bought the essential Boomerang and Candle holder!!!

Our plan from here was pretty much to go back to Melbourne the same way we had come but to stop off at all the places we had missed out on the way.

The Great Ocean Road actually goes all the way up to Adelaide however we only had the car for 2 days so we had a mini G.O.R. adventure!

First stop back was at the beach just past the 12 Apostles. Rather annoyingly you can't actually go down to the 12 Apostles beach (which looks stunning!) but the one next door is pretty spesh too and everyone is welcome here!!!!

I had planned on going for a swim here as the sea looked beautiful however when we got down there it turns out that the sea was bleedin freezing and pretty damn I just took 100 photo's of the girls jumping around instead!!!

After this the sun came out to play and on our journey back we stopped off at Apollo Bay, Lorne, Bells Beach (ok we couldn't actually find this!), and Torquay - All of which were lovely, just a shame we couldn't stay in any of them longer really.

We got back to Melbourne at about 8pm where we decided to cook a nice hearty meal - Spaghetti Madness!! (Out of the film "Hancock").

We made our own meatballs and everythang!

The food turned out really nice (which was a suprise!) and was the perfect end to a really cool and fun 2 day Great Ocean Road adventure.


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