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Today Craig was pushed well outside of his comfort zone! We decided to take a short train trip out of Prague to see a little more of the countryside. I have read an article about Kutna Hora, 55 minutes out of Prague, in the Age Traveller before leaving.

Kutna Hora was once a prosperous silver mining town and had many beautiful Cathedrals, one of which was supposed to rival St Vitus in Prague. It also had the famed Sedlec Ossuary and The Cemetery Church of All Saints (starting to see a pattern here with my fascination with all things dead?).

Arriving into the main Kutna Hora train station just before 11am, we decided to walk to the Ossuary and further into town, rather than taking the smaller connecting train all the way to the centre of town.

I had warned Craig about the Ossuary and as predicted, he lasted about 5 minutes before raising the flag to sit outside while I continued to snap away. When the cemetery was taken over by the current “owners” a local artisan was given the task of doing something with the 40,000+ human corpses located within the Ossuary chapel.

These bones have now been arranged in bizarre “sculptures”, with the main chandelier made up of at least one bone from a human skeleton. I thought the whole place was quite hilarious whereas Craig kept thinking about voodoo and whether we were inhaling bone dust!

Having ticked this off by “to do” list, we headed into the centre of town and visited the UNESCO St Barbara’s Cathedral. The view from the top of the hill was very beautiful and while the Cathedral was indeed beautiful, I don’t think it was a patch on St Vitus. Maybe we are getting “churched” out!

A quick lunch and back to Prague for our last night and packing up; an early start tomorrow as we are moving on to Krakow.

Note: Craig has just read this and wants a few things qualified. He says he lasted 10 minutes before feeling woozy, he knew what was coming and it was the weirdest thing he has ever seen - and they are real skulls!!!

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