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Churros con chocolate in Burgos

M, S2, S, T, Em

Adding to the memories at La Fuente in Rabe de las Calzadas

Top of the climb looking over Hornillos del Camino

Day 12 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 922 m, minimum elevation = 817m. Cold, under 10 degrees.

Headed out 7.20 for the 8.5km walk to the city centre of Burgos. The wiff of churros con chocolate kept us moving. The scenery - industry and early morning peak hour. And, drizzling rain. S2 described it best - Camino nightmare. But all better once our tummies were full of sugar.

The walk out of Burgos around the river was beautiful and the exit from the city not nearly as bad as our entrance. Rain stopped - yay!

Lunched at an amazing little bar called La Fuente (The Fountain) in Rabe de las Calzadas. After ordering lunch, the waitress brought us gifts - first a portion of local soup each. Then, a small pendant and calendar each. As we were leaving, we noticed one whole wall was filled with messages from pilgrims from all around the world, often attached to the currency of their country. We all added our own messages and coins or notes. All I had - a 10 cent piece!

Uphill after lunch and nice enough weather to remove my top layer - still 3 more underneath! This is the beginning of the meseta. Said by many to be flat, arid, boring. But, our introduction was anything but. It was a really lovely walk into Hornillos del Camino.

Today's distance = 30 km

Total distance = 315.5km

VW count unchanged

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