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Carpe Diem at Minot Pilot/Flyig J truck stop

Tue, 01 August: Time for plans B, C, & D!!!

We've always prided ourselves as being flexible and able to roll with the "stuff" RVing occasionally throws your way. Having backup plans are always in our back pocket, and today we had to dig deep to come up with some that work.

This morning was a tad unusual for us as we didn't get on the road till almost eleven. Usually we're kinda get up & go types, but to be honest we didn't have that far to go and our get up sorta got up without us. In short, the bed felt really nice and we didn't really have to get up, right? So we stayed in bed till eight, pretty lazy for us.

Once up we did our breakfast thing, and while Bob was dumping Sandi fired up the computer and sent out our monthly Missive. Following dump we topped up our fresh water tanks. Ready to go yet? Not quite, we got to talking with Cathy & BGob Farham couple in the coach next to us. Turns out—small world of RVing story alert!—that we'd met the Farhams this past Friday at the Forest City IA municipal dump site. Amazing!

So, by the time we got Carpe safely off her stack of leveling lumber, Carpe Dinkum connected and checked, it was 1055 when Bob eased us out of the RV park and onto US 2 west. We arrived in Minot about 1½ hours later and pulled into the WalMart parking lot. Here is where things unraveled.

We had planned to overnite in the Wally parking lot, but it turned out that the lot is small, crowded, and we didn't find anyplace we'd feel comfortable parking overnite. We tend to respect our "feelings" and we both agreed staying at this walMart was a no-go.

So, we stayed long enough to stuff our fridge with grub for a week to ten days of boondocking and left the lot. A few miles down the road we pulled into a Pilot/Flying J Truck Stop for lunch. After exploring our options we decided that this would be a good place to stop. Bob checked with the folks inside who gave us an OK to stay. So, here we are and we'll spend the nite with all the trucks and cross our fingers that a reefer doesn't park next to us...

Today's run was an easy 97 miles with fuel economy of only 7⅝mpg.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our plans are to drive 140 or so miles tomorrow to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park / North Unit. This is a very primative and remote park in northwest North Dakota and does not enjoy any cell or internet service. Hence, our next Journal entry will most likely be delayed a day or two till we drive to the nearest town, Watford City, which has some coverage.

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