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Lake Belmore, Croydon water supply

Cumberland Chimney (free camp)

Cumberland Dam "Bird" sign

Cumberland Dam with water lilies & termite mounds in background - looks...

Sunset from Cumberland Chimney free camp

11/6/2016 Saturday

Early start this morning on farewelled Normanton at 8.30. I saw Trudi & Marcel drive out at 7am, so they were earlier still.

We drove to Croydon and went 4km out to Lake Belmore for morning tea. This is the town water supply. The lake has lovely, clean amenities, but the water level in the lake was quite low. Back through Croydon and Ian put some extra fuel in - 140c per litre in Normanton; 125c here and 113c 4 days ago at Georgetown, so it's top-ups until we reach Georgetown again tomorrow. We went to the Information Centre and watched a 15min video of the town and surrounds and the gold rush era. Croydon has quite a history!

On the road and our last long drive for today, stopping overnight at a free camp called Cumberland Chimney, which is beside a lake covered in water lilies and many birds in the area. We arrived about 1.45pm, set up and had a late lunch, then sat around chatting until we decided to play a game of Sequence, which Pam & I just happened to win!! As the sun was lowering, we went down to the lake to see the birds. Birdwatchers were here with their long-lensed cameras, and I don't think they really appreciated us being there, even though we were very quiet. We then wandered over to the tall Chimney which was used in the Gold Rush days, as we saw in the video in Croydon. We chatted with a couple who are heading into Cobbold Gorge tomorrow for 2 nights, and we couldn't help but tell them how wonderful it is. There was a beautiful sunset today.

We had drinks and nibbles outside our van, waiting for the geese to fly over as we'd been told they do every night and morning. A chap from another van came and chatted for a while, and when he went, we retired to our own vans for dinner and a quiet night. No tv, no phones, no computers! Thank goodness for books - and cards, although after last nights episode when I trounced Ian well and truly, and this afternoon when the girls won, I don't expect he'll be interested!

He wasn't. Bed and lights out at 9pm.

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